LG Washer Trouble Codes

Updated February 21, 2017

The LG Corporation, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, produces consumer and commercial telecommunications, electronic and chemical solutions. It sells consumer appliances worldwide, including top- and front-loading washing machines. A flashing error code means that you have an issue with your washing machine. Often these are minor errors that you can fix on your own. If the code means that you have a problem with a major component, contact LG or a service technician for assistance.


The "0E" error indicates that your water is not draining properly. Check the drainage hose and straighten it if it's kinked. Remove any clogs from the hose or from the filter if it's dirty. The "1E" error codes means that you don't have enough water pressure. Turn off water in other places in your home. Use a different tap if the one you're using one is defective. Straighten the water inlet hose if kinked and clean it if it's clogged. Turn the water supply valve completely to the "On" position.


The "PE" code means that your water level sensor is not working properly, and the "FE" error code indicates that the water valve is malfunctioning, causing the tub to fill too much. Turn off the water supply and unplug your LG washer from the power source. Contact a service technician if you receive either one of these errors. The "UE" error code means that your washer is either out of balance or the load is too small. If the washer is unbalanced, stop the washing machine and redistribute the load around the agitator. If the load is too small, add a few towels and restart the cycle.


Completely close the washer lid if you receive a "dE" error. If the error doesn't clear after you close the door, contact a technician. The "CE" and "LE" error codes both mean that the washer motor has overloaded. Turn off the water and unplug the power cord. Contact a service technician.


The "PF" error code means that you have experienced a power failure. Turn the washing machine back on after power is restored. The "dHE" error code indicates that the water supply is not turned on. Turn the water supply valve completely to the "On" position. If that doesn't clear the error code, remove the LG washing machine from the power source and contact a service technician. Remove your washer from the power source if you see an "EE" error code, where the first E is missing the top part of the letter. Your washing machine has a serious malfunction, and you must contact a technician.

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