The smallest countertop microwaves

Updated March 23, 2017

Warming up coffee, preparing popcorn or cooking a main course---microwaves come in handy for numerous tasks. But if you live in a dorm room or a home with a cramped kitchen, finding space for one of these appliances can be challenging. Look for one of the smallest models if you've got limited counter space.

Haier .6 Cubic-Foot Microwave

If you need one of the shortest and most narrow microwaves on the market, this 600-watt product is for you. It measures 10.2 inches high and 12.9 inches wide. At 17 inches, its depth is considerably more than other models. This microwave has rotary knobs for setting the power level and cooking time. It has a handle you pull to open the door and a glass turntable. This microwave is model number MWM6600RW and comes in white. It has six power levels and weighs 9.8kg.

Avanti .7-Cubic-Foot Microwave

Shoppers looking for a model with short and shallow dimensions, this model is only 10.25 inches high and 13 inches deep. This 700-watt microwave comes in white and has a glass turntable. Its rotary knobs allow you to select a cooking time and power level. You push a button to open the door. This unit weighs 10.4kg. and is model number MO7081MW.

Whirlpool .7 Cubic-Foot Microwave

If microwave depth is your biggest concern, consider this Whirlpool, which is 12.4 inches deep. This Whirlpool model offers 10 power levels and comes in black-on-black (model MT4078SPB) or white-on white (model MT4078SPQ). It features a glass turntable and electronic controls, including a lockout feature to prevent children from turning it on. It is 18 inches wide and 11 inches high. The unit weighs 15kg.

Oster .7-Cubic-Foot Microwave

This Oster 700-watt unit is 13.25 inches wide and finished in stainless steel and black. Its electronic controls include six "one-touch" settings and 10 power levels. The unit features a glass turntable and displays the time of day. The microwave stands 10.4 inches high and measures 17.9 inches deep. Its door opens with the push of a button. The microwave weighs 10.4kg. (model number OGYU701).

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