Feng Shui Mirror Placement Tips

Written by katherine kally | 13/05/2017
Feng Shui Mirror Placement Tips
Mirrors are important elements in feng shui design. (the mirror image by Jan Will from Fotolia.com)

The art of feng shui is based on ancient Chinese practices. Feng shui design involves placing items so that they are in harmony to each other to optimise the positive chi, or energy, in the space. Mirrors play an important role in feng shui design. Proper mirror placement can help balance negative chi with positive chi.


The bathroom is an important area for feng shui design as it pertains to wealth, marriage and fame. Place a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door to help deflect the chi from flowing away through the bathroom toilet and drains. If your bathroom is over the front door or kitchen, place a mirror on the ceiling directly above the toilet to reverse the downward water flow. The mirror inside the bathroom should be as large as possible without being joined together. Mirrors that are separated into two or more pieces disrupt your clear view and do not enhance positive chi.


Mirror placement in the foyer is crucial in feng shui design. Never place a mirror opposite the front door as it will repel positive chi from entering the home. Place a foyer mirror to one side of the front door. Mirror shapes also have meaning in feng shui design, no matter where they are placed. Use square or rectangular mirrors for balance, circular mirrors for unity and octagonal mirrors for power. When hanging a mirror, place it high enough so that your entire head may be seen to help avoid a negative self-image.

Kitchen and Office

Place a mirror behind the top burners of the kitchen stove to help magnify wealth. Hang a mirror over the primary workspace if the cook's back is to a kitchen entry door. This placement allows the cook to be in the command position to see anyone who enters the space. The same principle holds for mirror placement in an office; hang one above your desk if your back is to the door. Avoid placing mirrors opposite each other, no matter which room you are decorating.

Bagua Mirrors

Bagua mirrors are used to deflect fast-moving energy streams called poison arrows from entering your home. Feng shui principles hold that bagua mirrors are so powerful they should only be placed on the outside of your home. Place bagua mirrors directly across from structures with pointed corners, rough-edged tree trunks, an angled roof edge, broken concrete or a T-shaped intersection that ends at your property line.

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