The Best Ways to Remove Dog Urine Odors from Your Yard

Written by kimberly kilmer
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The Best Ways to Remove Dog Urine Odors from Your Yard
Simple solutions can keep your yard free of dog urine odours. (dog on the grass image by Sabphoto from

Start eliminating strong urine odours at the source by adding a bit of plain yoghurt to your dog's food and provide plenty of clean, fresh water for your dog to drink. The beneficial cultures in the yoghurt are thought to neutralise some urine odour. Check with your veterinarian prior to adding anything new to your dog's diet. Once urine odour is in the yard, simple solutions can be applied to make your yard smell fresh.

Natural Yard Odor Neutralizers

Shop for yard odour neutralisers that contain natural ingredients. These products are environmentally friendly and a safe, effective way to remove odours from your grass, yard, plants and other outdoor surfaces. The bonus is that these products don't harm your grass or plants. Look for natural outdoor odour killing products online or shop brick and mortar retailers who focus on holistic and natural pet supplies.

Search for products that contain alkyl dimethyl denzyl ammonium chloride as an active ingredient. Used according to directions, natural products are safe for use around pets, people and wildlife that may enter your yard. Spray on, allow to dry and the odours produced by stools and urine are eliminated.

Baking Soda and Water

Sprinkling straight baking soda onto your yard helps to neutralise the odours left behind from urine and stools. This option works best for concentrated areas were pets eliminate, such as dirt or rock kennel runs or cement surfaces in your yard. For solid surfaces, cleanse the areas first with an environmentally-safe detergent and water. Use a hose and garden sprayer filled with detergent to cleanse loose areas of dirt or rock. Allow the areas to dry, then sprinkle on enough baking soda to cover the area. Allow to sit undisturbed for about an hour before you sweep the loose baking soda away.

This option can work on grass; however, you need to find a biodegradable detergent to use to cleanse the area that won't kill the grass. Mix it in a garden sprayer and apply the detergent with a hose. Allow the area to dry before dusting on baking soda.

Irrigation Systems

Watering your lawn properly and regularly can help eliminate a build up of urine odours. In-ground irrigation systems work best to control odours by regularly diluting them into the healthy soil. If you are without an automatic irrigation system, sprinklers can be used daily on areas that tend to retain the most odours. Allow the soil to dry between watering times, and keep the yard and soil as healthy as possible. This is a solution that works better in climates that are arid.

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