The Best Toys for a 1 Year Old

Written by michelle zehr | 13/05/2017
The Best Toys for a 1 Year Old
Your one-year-old is likely learning to walk and showing plenty of emotions. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

As a baby turns one, she has left the stages of infancy and is now at the beginning of her toddler years. At this point, your baby does not understand much of what is said to her, and much of her play is conducted by mimicking the individuals around her. There are numerous toys that are best suited to the needs of a one-year-old.

Musical Toys

Musical toys are an early means of communication and self-expression for your one-year-old. Toys that light up and make sounds are pleasing to a child of this age. You can purchase musical toys that resemble keyboards or guitars. Your child may even begin to move to the beat of the music, encouraging coordination and balance.

Push Toys

A push toy may include a child-sized shopping trolley, basket, wheelbarrow and many other toys designed for children learning how to walk. A push toy will provide your child with stability as he learns to walk and manoeuvre around your house. Push toys make walking safer for a one-year-old and make learning to walk more fun.

Bath Toys

Look for rubber balls, floating toys, bath crayons, unique washcloths and scrubbies. Most one-year-old children enjoy turning bath time into a time to play. For children who do not enjoy bath time, toys may make this experience more enjoyable and something to look forward to. Toys made of different shapes and colours give your child an opportunity to learn and work on her motor skills.

Phone Toy

One-year-old children do a lot of mimicking of their parents and other individuals who are constantly around. One activity most adults seem to constantly be engaging in is using a mobile phone. A toy phone provides your child with the opportunity to act just like Mom and Dad. Toy phones make a variety of sounds and likely light up. Toy phones can stimulate the senses of a one-year-old.

Toy Blocks

Toy blocks provide your one-year-old with the opportunity to begin working on his motor skills. A one-year-old may only be able to stack a few blocks without them falling over, but can use your love and encouragement when trying to stack blocks. Toy blocks are a toy that can grow with a child through all the stages of being a toddler.

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