What colours go with pink bedroom walls?

Written by leslie rose | 13/05/2017
What colours go with pink bedroom walls?
Pink walls set a bright and happy mood in a room. (Bedroom image by RUZANNA ARUTYUNYAN from Fotolia.com)

Pink is a fabulous and cheerful colour that shouts for attention. When used in conjunction with the right colours, pink walls can set a bright and happy mood. However, it can also be overwhelming, especially in small or dark rooms. If you haven't yet painted the walls of your room pink, explore options like painting an accent wall of white or another colour.

Other Pinks

What colours go with pink bedroom walls?
Combine different shades of pink (Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

If you're pink crazy and you haven't had your fill of the colour just by putting it on the walls, use darker and lighter shades of pink dispersed throughout the room to satisfy your craving. This can be as wild and overwhelming as you want -- pink pillows, pink furniture, pink bed covers and pink curtains. Be careful that the shades of pink can all be found along one spectrum: Don't combine dark magenta (that has a purple cast to it) with salmon pink, for example.


What colours go with pink bedroom walls?
Pink and white make a great pair (Marc Debnam/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Pink and white can be found in nature on flowers like magnolias and lilies. When paired together in a room, the associations are much the same. This delicate combination gives a room a cheerful feminine quality with pleasant associations like strawberries and cream. White also helps to tone down walls that might otherwise seem a little too vibrant. For a little girl, a room with white furniture and pink curtains and bedspread may even be the stuff of fantasies.

Warm Pastels

What colours go with pink bedroom walls?
Use a mixture of colours (Thinkstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

An eclectic combination of warm pastel colours like sunny yellow, salmon orange and pinky-lavender make a vibrant bouquet, perfect for a child or an adolescent bedroom. These colours are also appropriate for bathrooms. Pick a theme for the room, like "tropical flowers" or "day at the beach," in order to bring together the bright colours in a way that makes sense.


What colours go with pink bedroom walls?
Pink and grey can add a sophisticated touch to a room (Dynamic Graphics/Creatas/Getty Images)

For a muted and sophisticated decor, light grey furniture and rugs combine well with shell-pink colours. This combination is appropriate for dining rooms, living rooms and other public spaces. Look for modern art paintings of a grey and white palette to place on the walls, and little stone knick-knacks to disperse around the room.

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