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Updated July 20, 2017

According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, over half of the adult population includes dietary supplements as part of their health rituals. Taking vitamins can be a way to complement a balanced diet, improve the performance of bodily functions and even prevent or mitigate certain conditions. It's up to you to decide which vitamins are best for you, but there are several tried-and-true brands that offer an expansive array of supplements to help keep your body feeling strong and energetic.

GNC (General Nutrition Centers)

Ideal for athletes and bodybuilders, GNC distributes several brands of speciality supplements and foods designed specifically for physically active people. However, GNC also carries vitamins that address the concerns of everyone in the family (regardless of Olympic status). Men's health products, for instance, include formulas for promoting sexual and prostate health and preventing hair loss, while women's health options include vitamins to take during pregnancy, prevent urinary tract infections, combat ageing or stay energetic throughout the day. And of course, they offer Yummi Bear vitamins and flavoured formulas for kids. GNC also carries VitaPak, month-to-month daily multivitamin regimens that offer to enhance your beauty, strength and vitality.

Nature Made Vitamins

Nature Made doesn't just make vitamins; the company also provides comprehensive education for those seeking to improve their health through dietary supplements. Nature Made carries an expansive selection of no-frills, basic vitamins and herbs such as Vitamin C, B-complex, Fish Oil, Echinacea and Gingko Biloba. Nature Made gives you information on which vitamins you should take for your particular needs, be they weight management, sleep aids or even stress reducers. There are even vitamins for specific age groups, such as premenopausal women or men over the age of 50.


Founded by Carl Rehnborg in 1949, Nutrilite manufactured the first multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement to be sold in the North American market. Nutrilite vitamins are made from phytonutrient-rich whole plant concentrates, and are produced using sustainable farming practices and distributed at the peak of freshness and potency. Their products include fruit and vegetable fibres and concentrates, carbohydrate blockers for weight loss, and their claim-to-fame multivitamin Double X, which includes alfalfa, parsley and other nutritious plant material that Rehnborg used in his earliest nutritional research.

Vita Logic

For those consumers who are chemical-conscious, Vita Logic supplies all-natural supplements, including vitamins, minerals and herbs, formulated with the help of board-certified doctors. Vita Logic's products are hypoallergenic, making them more tolerable for people with allergies or sensitive digestive systems. In addition to the standard selection of everyday vitamins, Vita Logic supplements include a Blood Sugar Formula for diabetics that regulates glucose and a chromium supplement that curbs sugar cravings. There are also cleansing vitamins for liver and kidney health, and for fighting yeast, fungus and bacteria.

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