Ideas for livingroom & sunroom curtains with mustard walls

Updated November 21, 2016

Mustard is a warm colour that, while appearing a bit intimidating, actually allows you to explore using textures, patterns and other warm solid colours in your window covering choices for your living room and sun room. Factor in your furniture colours prior to making final drapery choices. If the living room and sun room are situated next to each other, choose draperies that coordinate or match to give the rooms an uncluttered, simple and clean appearance.

Textured Monotone

If you have patterned fabrics already in existence in both rooms, choose monotone mustard curtains created in a texture that adds depth and interest to the room. A bold weave or even a brushed vertical stripe works well. Choose curtains of appropriate size and weight for the windows. If the spaces are next to each other, hang curtains so that they add height to both rooms. Install curtain rods just below the ceiling, and hang draperies long enough to end just above the floor, no matter the size of the window.

Patterned and Bold

Mustard walls and solid colour furniture are the perfect palette for bold, patterned curtains. Find curtains that coordinate, or choose curtains of the same bold pattern to hang in both rooms. Select curtains that contain mustard and other warm colours. Rust reds, orange, shades of browns and sage greens all blend nicely with mustard walls. Choose patterns that suit your taste and other room decor. Go retro with modern 1970s inspired patterns, classic with a soft, subtle pattern throughout or sleek with a tailored multicoloured stripe.

Soft and Light

Keep both rooms open, light and bright by adding white or off-white sheers to each window, bordered by solid colour panels. Hang the curtains on two separate curtain rods if you need to close the panels over the sheers for privacy or energy conservation. For this option select solid colour ceiling-to-floor draperies in a colour that enhance your decor. Using solid colour panels gives you some flexibility to use different, but coordinating, coloured curtains in each room. Choose sunkist orange for the sunroom and a slightly darker colour for the living room.

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