Rebar Bending Tools

Updated July 18, 2017

Rebar, sometimes called reinforcing steel or reinforcement steel, is a steel bar used to support reinforced concrete. Made from unfinished tempered steel, the bars are rough with ridges, which allow the bar to remain anchored when inside concrete. Rebar is used to compensate for concrete's lack of tension. Bars have numerical designations with higher numbers representing larger diameters.

Hitachi VB16Y

The Hitachi VB16Y both bends and cuts rebar. Most common bend angles are preset and executed in a few seconds. The machine requires no manual labour from the operator outside of controlling the velocity and angle of the bend. The Hitachi bends and cuts up to a #5 grade bar and is very portable, weighing in at only 20.4kg. The cutting unit is an accessory that does not come standard.

Rodmaster Complex Rebar Bender

Simple and completely manual, the Rodmaster Complex Rebar Bender is a lightweight unit that you can set up at any job site. Offering a maximum bend of 128 degrees, the Rodmaster can bend up to a #4 bar with little effort. Made of tempered steel with no electronic parts, the Rodmaster requires manual labour but only costs a tiny fraction of an automatic rebar bender. The Rodmaster is a good choice for small jobs or occasional use.

FS-600 Rebar Cutter Bender

The FS-600 is a portable unit that is used on the ground or on a workbench without requiring an anchor. With the ability to both bend and cut, the unit can handle up to #6 grade rebar. Operating off a standard 110 outlet or a 5,000 watt generator, the FS-600 features a foot pedal, giving the user two free hands to guide the bar. Bends are set by a control knob for uniformity.

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