What are the benefits of using a weighted hula hoop?

Updated November 21, 2016

Weighted hula hoops, also known as fitness hoops, are similar to the original plastic hula hoop from the 1950s, except they are heavier. Weighted hoops can weigh anywhere between three to five pounds and may come in a larger or smaller diameter depending on your size and ability. There are many benefits to exercising with a weighted hula hoop, including ease of use, weight loss, cardiovascular health, core strengthening and fun.

Twirling Is Easier

The original hula hoop weighed almost nothing, which made it difficult to keep perpetually up around the waistline. The weighted hoop rotates around the waistline slowly and accurately, making it easier to use for longer stretches of time.

It's Fun

Both adults and children love to hula hoop! The weighted hula hoop is easier to use and therefore children and adults will have more success and fun with it.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Hula hooping, especially with a weighted hoop, provides cardiovascular exercise by increasing your heart rate and getting your blood pumping as you vigorously twirl the hoop to keep it around your waist. The American Council on Exercise recommends exercising three to five days a week to maintain a healthy heart.

Weight Loss

Consistent weighted hula hooping can burn calories and help you lose weight. Combine twirling the hoop with boot camp-style cardiovascular moves or jumping in and out of the hoop and you will have an intense cardio vascular workout that increases weight loss.


Some gyms incorporate hula hoops into their aerobics classes for variety, core work and legwork. Weighted hula hoops are very versatile in group fitness classes. The weighted hoop is used for cardio vascular work, core strengthening and stretching. Working with fitness hoops is becoming more popular as people discover its benefits.

Strengthens your Core

The twirling motion necessary to keep the hoop circling around your waistline and above your hips naturally strengthens the muscles in your core. Your core muscles are your obliques, abdominal muscles, and lower back muscles. To do the circling movement you must tighten your abdominal muscles. Some weighted hula hoop suppliers claim that working out with the weighted hoop will take inches off of your waistline.

Flexibility and Massage

The weighted hoop will bring flexibility to your spine as you twirl the hoop. It will also massage your intestines and internal organs as the hoops presses on your abdominal wall.


Some weighted hula hoops are collapsible for easier storage or travel. Hula hoops that are collapsible sometimes have the feature of removing a section to make the hoop smaller or larger by adding sections. Removing a section will make the hoop weigh less, which is a good feature for days you don't want to work as hard.

Word of Caution

Using the weighted hoop is not recommended for individuals with back, hip or spine conditions. Remember to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

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