Crazy Things to Do for a 40th Birthday Party

Updated February 21, 2017

If you will be approaching your 40th birthday soon, you may be looking for party activities that will reflect your outgoing personality or the boldness you'd like to portray in your 40s. Taking some risks this year when planning your party can make your 40th birthday pleasantly memorable and will keep you looking forward to more fun-filled birthdays.

Bungee Jumping/Skydiving

Invite your friends to do something daring like skydiving or bungee jumping. Research the facility you want to use, as well as the professionals who are trained to help you through the bungee jumping or skydiving process. This will let you know if there are health requirements that you should be aware of, as well as additional information on how to prepare for the 'big day.' Be sure to take lots of pictures during the experience and make reservations for you and your loved ones to have dinner at your favourite place after the event so that you can talk about your latest 'accomplishment.'

Motorcycle 'Racing'

If you've always wanted to take a motorcycle ride, contact a shop in your area that sells and repairs motorcycles to get information on local clubs that can give you a few lessons. Sign up for lessons with some friends a few weeks before your 40th birthday, so that on the actual day, you can have a 'race' on a safe, closed course. Have a custom helmet and motorcycle jacket made in your favourite colours, or designed with your name, so that you'll always remember the birthday you fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Weekend Party

Take a mini vacation so that the party will last all weekend. Tell your adult family members and friends about your plans a month or so in advance so that everyone can fit the event into their schedules. Make arrangements for your children to be cared for during the weekend, or plan a 'women only' or 'men only' weekend to celebrate your birthday. Travel to your favourite vacation spot or a local tourist attraction you don't get the chance to visit often. Take advantage of as many activities as you can like live shows, water skiing or snorkelling. Make sure you do at least five things that you've never done before. Take a camera along so that you can document all the 'crazy' moments of the weekend and start a brand new scrapbook when you return home that is an introduction into your life after 40.

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