Kitchen breakfast bar ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The breakfast bar is a convenient addition to a modern kitchen due to its versatility. As the name implies, a breakfast bar can be used for breakfast and other meal, yet it also can be convenient at parties, holding the various hors d'oeuvres and drinks. It also can serve as a good place for family or household members to gather for homework or conversation as a meal is prepared.

Portable Breakfast Bar

If you don't already have an island or breakfast bar in your kitchen, a portable breakfast bar island--that is--one with wheels, can be a less expensive alternative to pulling up tiles or other flooring to add an island. In addition, you can move the bar around the kitchen so that it can be more useful when you are cooking.

Butcher Block Bar

If you want your kitchen to seem more warm and welcoming, change things up and choose butcher block, a wooden countertop surface, for your bar. This will make the bar have a more table-like appearance.

Split-level Bar

A split-level breakfast bar allows for two distinct areas: a food preparation area and an eating area. Whether the food preparation area is the higher or lower of the two sections is up to personal preference. A higher eating area can serve as a shield to the food preparation area, concealing a messy looking counter top from other areas outside the kitchen.

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