Birthday card message ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Birthdays are only celebrated once a year so it's important to make that day extra special. The birthday card is the perfect platform to express sentiment. To get that special message across, there are several options including the sentimental, the romantic and the humorous message. Each option comes with either a universal message or can be personalised.


This type of message works well with family members such as parents, spouse and grandparents. It gets the sentiment across in a direct manner and tends to lean more on the expressed feelings side of things. This birthday message works well for a co-worker or boss because it can be stated in a general manner such as, "Wishing you a wonderful birthday!" or can be catered to the individual with use of a title. "Happy Birthday to a respectful and generous boss!" or "To my beautiful wife on her birthday!"


This type of message comes in many forms, including free-verse or poems and tends to be the choice for couples. They usually contain a "romantic" picture on the front such as a candlelight dinner setting or a dozen roses and either come blank for you to insert your expressed sentiment or for those who may be romantically challenged---a simple written sentiment such as "To the man I love, happy birthday" works well.


This type of message is for anyone who is deeply religious or even for those who may not attend church on a regular basis. This type of message is best suited for a person you know has some religious belief---whether Christian, Jewish or any other religion. The card usually contains a religious image, such as a cross, on the cover and can either include a message (Have a blessed birthday) or is blank to insert a personalised message.


According to, more than 2 billion of their humorous greeting card line (Shoebox) have been sold since the line was introduced in 1986. T Funny messages range from mild to downright caustic so it's best to know the recipient if the message is more on the extreme side. An example of a mild type of message in a birthday greeting is:

Outside: They say people become wiser as they get older

Inside: Happy Birthday, Einstein!


This type of birthday greeting is great for several reasons--it's designed to be positive and uplifting. Since this is a universal message, this type of card is often passed around a place of business for many to sign. It works particularly well with someone who has had a rough year by encouraging them to look forward to the upcoming year. An example is, "Happy birthday to a wonderful person who has made it through another year and will make it through many, many more."

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