Robosapien V2 Tricks

Updated April 17, 2017

The Robosapien V2 (RS2) is the second generation of WowWee's Robosapien programmable humanoid robots. According to WowWee's website, the Robosapien V2 features speech capability, bipedal walking and humanoid body movements, Infrared (IR) and colour-vision systems and animated LED eyes. You can take advantage of the Robosapien V2's intelligent environmental-interaction system using several tricks and tips.

Standing Stationary

The Robosapien V2's guard mode allows the Robosapien V2 to become stationary until disturbed by environmental auditory or visual stimuli. The Robosapien V2 will automatically enter sleep mode if left in guard mode for 30 minutes. According to Knitsu's Evosapien website, if you want the Robosapien V2 to remain stationary for periods of time longer than 30 minutes without entering sleep mode or shutting off, you can place an inanimate object in front of the Robosapien V2, leaving the object slightly out of the robot's reach. The Robosapien V2 will stand stationary to stare at the object until the object is moved.

Remote Control Storage

The Robosapien V2 can hold its own remote control while turned off or in sleep mode. Place each gripped side of the remote control into the oval-shaped contact sensors above the Robosapien V2's wrists, with the remote control's buttons facing away from the robot.

Flinch Response

The Robosapien V2 will perform a flinch if you place an object directly in front of the robot's eyes, close enough so that it covers all of the robot's sensors. According to the Robosapien V2 User's Manual, the flinch response will automatically active the robot's colour-vision system. If the object is not held stationary in front of the robot's face, the robot's infrared vision system will begin tracking the object.

Quick Commands

Perform a full reset to reset the Robosapien V2 to its default stance by pushing the "Shift 1" and "Stop" buttons on the remote control. Performing a full reset will not reset the Robosapien V2's programmed settings, according to the Robosapien V2 user's manual. You can perform a quick reset to change the robot's walking gait by pushing the "Y" button. The "quick reset" command works while the robot is standing stationary or walking. You can also use the "Power Down" quick-command to turn the Robosapien V2 off by pushing the "Shift 1," "Shift 2," "Shift 3" and "Stop" buttons.

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