Gifts for a One-Year-Old Girl

Updated November 21, 2016

A first birthday is a special time: One-year-olds just begin to walk, talk and play, so plenty of items make appropriate gifts for them. If you're shopping for a baby girl who is turning 1, toys provide one option; but also consider practical items, such as clothes and educational items. Many educational gifts for 1-year-old girls are also lots of fun.

Bath Items

At 1 year old, many toddlers begin to enjoy bath time quite a bit. So get the birthday girl a gift basket that helps her love bath time even more. Purchase a fluffy pink towel and bath robe she can wrap up in after her bath. Place it in the basket, along with some pink or purple bubble bath made for children. Don't forget to include plenty of bath toys. Choose floating rubber duckies and other animals. You can also find baby dolls designed for play in the bath. Another smart idea for the bath is a soft, flexible rubber safety cover for the bath spigot, if her parents don't already have one. You can find these in a variety of shapes, such as animals, and they ensure she won't hurt her head if she bumps it on the metal spigot.

Dress Up Clothes

Inspire her imagination with a chest full of dress up clothes and accessories. Purchase all kinds of items, such as princess items and tutus, tiaras and glittering necklaces. Use your imagination, as well. For example, help her dress as a pirate with a hat, a pirate costume and an eye patch. Include dress up clothes from her favourite cartoons and movies. If she already has a lot of dress up clothes, but doesn't have anywhere to put them, go another route: Give her a wooden chest for her room that will store all her play clothes, and have her name painted on the outside of it.

Books and DVDs

Give her an assortment of books and DVDs to get her interested in learning. Consider a book that teaches her shapes, colours, the alphabet or the names of different animals and the sounds they make. Pop-up books or books that make noises make appropriate gift ideas for 1-year-olds. Alternately, select a few DVDs. You can choose some entertainment DVDs about princesses or other things that little girls like; but there are also plenty of educational DVDs she will enjoy watching, but that will teach her things like the names of her body parts and will help broaden her new vocabulary.

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