Bosch Nexxt 100 Series Washer Error Codes

Updated February 21, 2017

Bosch, headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany, manufactures automobile components, power tools and consumer appliances, including washing machines. The Nexxt 100 series of front-loading washing machines are older washers that Bosch no longer offers. You can, however, still purchase the washer and parts from third-party vendors. Troubleshoot issues with your washing machine to avoid out-of-warranty service fees.

Door Issues

If your washer door isn't closed, you may see the "end" indicator light. Completely close the door and remove any items keeping the door from closing. The door won't open if the water temperature is extremely warm or if it's spinning very fast. Wait for the cycle to end. If you can't open the door at all, verify that your power is on and that the power cord fits snugly in the outlet. Select either "Spin" or "Drain" and select a program.

Not Filling/Spin Speed

The "spin" light may flash if your Bosch Nexxt washer is not filling with water. Straighten the drainage hose if it's kinked, or clean the hose and the water inlet strainers if they're clogged. Fully turn on both the hot and cold water taps. Check your water pressure with a water pressure gauge. If it's below 30 psi, turn off water in other parts or the house. If you cannot select a spin speed, verify that the washer isn't already spinning. If it is, you can't change the spin speed. The washer also won't spin if the tub is draining.


Water beneath or behind your washing machine indicates that you have a leak. Check the drainage hose to see if it's split or punctured. Replace it in that case. Check your hose connections and tighten them if necessary. If the water inlet valve is leaking, replace it. If you see suds escaping from the detergent dispenser, you used too much detergent. Add 1 tbsp of fabric softener to 1 pint of water and add this mixture to your detergent dispenser.

You may see the "rinse" light if you used too much detergent. If you don't see any suds, your pump, drainage hose or drainage pipe is clogged. Clean them with a plastic utensil or flush them out with water. Change the program selector to the "Off" position, and select "Drain." Your washing machine may lightly shake when moving from a lower to a higher spinning speed. This is normal. If the washer shakes a lot, it's not level. Fix the floor beneath the washer.

Washing Issues

If the washer doesn't start and you see the "Start/Pause" indicator light, you have pressed the "Start/Pause" button. If your clothes have a grey residue on them, add more detergent for the next cycle. If detergent is still present on your clothing after the cycle is done, let the clothes dry and brush off the detergent. Always use the correct washing setting based on how dirty your clothing is. If the Nexxt washer didn't go through the spin cycle, you did not evenly distribute your clothing. The washer skipped the spin cycle. Do no overload your washer, and separate large and small clothing into different loads.

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