Pond & waterfall ideas for the garden

Written by carmel perez snyder | 13/05/2017
Pond & waterfall ideas for the garden
Ponds add a soothing and interesting feature to gardens. (Water Lily, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver image by Oren Sarid from Fotolia.com)

Water features, which reflect nature and make any yard feel more inviting, are not difficult to add to a landscape. Decide what you want in your yard, whether it's a small fountain, or a larger fish pond, or a waterfall. Regardless of the size of your yard, you can find the right pond or waterfall for your garden.

Reflecting Pool

Pond & waterfall ideas for the garden
Water reflects nature, creating a soothing feature in a yard. (fountain image by Lovrencg from Fotolia.com)

Still pools that reflect natural surroundings can be striking. A small yard can be the perfect place for a long, thin, rectangular reflecting pond. Try a larger square or round reflecting pool in a larger yard. Edge the pond liner in slate and paint, or buy a black liner to create more reflection. Plant tall grasses, flowers or trees near the feature, and they will be reflected in the pool. Avoid areas of complete shade; reflection pools work better in sunny areas of your yard. The feature can also be combined with a slow waterfall or fountain at one end that leads to the reflecting pool.

Stacked Stone Waterfall

Pond & waterfall ideas for the garden
Stacking stones can create a waterfall feature in an otherwise flat landscape. (Rock Garden Fountain 20080510-1180458 image by SIGNSofMIND from Fotolia.com)

Create a waterfall in a flat, level yard by building a stacked waterfall using stone, creating a series of waterfalls that empty into pools. Around the pools plant smaller water-loving plants and grasses, such as cattail or water iris, in pockets or groupings. Add a few water plants, such as water lilies, in the pools. A small fountain pump hidden among the stone at the top of the stacked waterfall will create the illusion of a moving stream.


Pond & waterfall ideas for the garden
A birdbath is a quick way to add a water pond to your garden. (bird bath image by Scrivener from Fotolia.com)

One of the easiest ways to add a "pond" in a garden is to bring in a birdbath. Choose a colourful or tiled birdbath that works as both a work of art and water feature. Keep the water clean, or add a small fountain pump in the centre, buried under natural or coloured stones, to keep mosquitoes from creating a breeding ground.


Pond & waterfall ideas for the garden
A fountain can be a great feature in both small and large yards. (Temple Water Fountain image by LynWatanabe.com from Fotolia.com)

A water fountain in the centre of a round or square pool can create a lively water feature. Create a fountain by adding a pump that can be purchased at your local garden store to a piece of outdoor art. Or, place the pump under stones to create a bubbling water feature. Most garden and landscaping centres also carry small and large tiered waterfalls. Place in the centre of a pond to create a "waterfall" illusion. If you have a small garden space, wall fountains are a good solution.

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