When Do Pond Fish Breed?

Courtesy of iStock Photo

Most pond fish are likely to breed on a regular basis in a pond setting where plant life is ample. Female fish lay fertilised eggs among the plants, and males tend the young. Having the right conditions for breeding is key to determining when pond fish will breed.


Cues from the environment can help pond fish breed spontaneously, so the temperature of the pond should be approximately 74F, or 23 C, to increase the probability of spawning.


Most pond fish will breed during the spring months and the early summer months. Females will be swollen with eggs and will seem particularly interested in the pond's plant life.

Plant Life

With plant life in your pond, fish will be more motivated to breed, so make sure to include numerous plant species with different plant textures that offer plenty of hiding places.

Egg Media

Pond fish eggs need a special place to hatch in order to increase their likelihood of survival. Providing egg media also ensures a greater likelihood that pond fish will breed.


A female fish that is full of eggs swims more frantically, especially through plant life. Koi are far more obvious, as male fish harass females to coax them into expelling their eggs.