Kitchen & Dining Room Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

Spaces like the kitchen and dining room are frequently used rooms that often serve as gathering places for family occasions. When decorating both spaces, incorporate warm touches into the decor that reflect your own style. Have fun mixing different period pieces together to create your own design. For small dining and kitchen spaces, refresh the walls with a neutral palette and incorporate colour with accessories.

Kitchen Paint

Liven up the kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. Enrich a dull or colourless kitchen with a dose of bright colour to instantly open up the space. Deep, rich tones of navy blue and olive green are ideal painted on one wall of the kitchen as an accent wall. Accent walls draw your eye into the room to provide a focal point to the space. For small kitchen spaces, keep the paint palette neutral. Shades of cream, beige, and yellow visually heighten the space and provide a light and airy feel. Incorporate bursts of bright colour into a neutral palette with bright dishware or a glass tile backsplash. Don't forget about the kitchen ceiling and floor. Make the room visually appealing by painting a coat of pale blue onto the ceiling to mimic the look of an open sky. Whitewash the floors to add instant square footage to the kitchen. White paint complements any style of kitchen.

Dining Room Accessories

Treat the dining room to dramatic and stunning accessories such as a set of oversized mirrors. Hang the mirrors over a buffet or along one wall of the dining room space to reflect light around the space. Install a trio of small mirrors opposite a set of windows to create the feel of a larger space. A silver tray and set of candlesticks resting on a side table or accent piece in the dining room space adds an elegant touch to the room. Replace outdated window treatments in the dining room with a colourful, patterned Roman shade. Roman shades provide privacy to the room while accenting architectural mouldings and details.


Incorporate a mix of modern and vintage furniture in the dining room and kitchen spaces. Upholstered chairs around a dining room table or nestled within an eat-in kitchen offer an eccentric and warm touch to the room. Pair the upholstered chairs with an antique dining table to create a dramatic contrast. Mix and match two styles of chairs around the table to create an unexpected, whimsical approach. Create a focal point with a glass chandelier. When hung over the dining room table, chandeliers provide an open, airy feel and make heavy furniture, like mahogany pieces, feel lighter.

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