Decorating ideas for blinds for large windows

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have a large window that you are covering with blinds, then you may be looking for decorating ideas for blinds with large windows. Blinds can be an inexpensive way to prevent light from coming through large windows while maintaining your privacy, and there are many inexpensive ways to decorate those blinds.


It may seem simplistic, but you can use the same valences that you would use with curtain sets to decorate the window dressing around your large blinds. When you have a larger window, you have more room to work with, and a large valence set-up that would normally go with a set of large window curtains can add to the look of your blinds on a large picture window. Choose a valence that matches the decor and colour scheme of the room to give your window consistency with the rest of the room.

Sticks and Cloth

For the cost of netting or cloth, you can add a unique look to your large window blinds that will make them a conversation piece. Find a long and straight branch that will fit along the entire length of your window. Polish and stain the branch to give it a decorative shine. Then, use a long curtain rod installation kit to install the branch along the top of your blinds. Drape fabric or netting along the branch to give it a swagged look. Allow the fabric or netting to dip down in spots to give it a more pronounced look.


A large, white blind in your picture window can be used as a blank canvas to paint your own decorative mural. Use an airbrush to help create an image that you would like to make part of your room decor. If you do not possess the ability to paint your mural, then have someone do it for you. When the blinds are up, they will have a practical look about them. When you bring the blinds down, your mural will become a part of the look of your room and be a unique decorating feature of your home.

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