Ideas on How to Divide Rooms with Room Partitions

Many homeowners struggle with combining functionality with beauty when decorating their homes, especially when dealing with larger rooms. A partition divides a room into separate areas, both stylishly and effectively. Available in many colours, styles and types, partitions can match any decor. Whether you install a temporary screen or a permanent wall, assess your needs before selecting which type of partition works in your space.

Dividing Children's Rooms

Use a partition to divide a shared space into separate areas. This works well in a bedroom shared by more than one child, offering a sense of privacy for each. By installing a curtain track along the centre of the ceiling, dividing it in half, you can hang a sheer or opaque curtain between both halves of the room. The children can open the room up again whenever they wish. Or, purchase a canvas partition to section off the room. Available in a myriad of designs, canvas partitions do not require any installation. They offer more flexibility than a simple curtain because they are portable, allowing greater convenience; removing one is easy when you wish to use the room differently. Both partitions are inexpensive--you can even make them yourself--and easy to clean, making them ideal for dividing children's rooms.

Dividing a Living Room

Partitions work well in studio or bachelor apartments that contain open-concept designs. Use a partition to balance out a large space, dividing one room into smaller areas. Divide it in half, creating a dining area on side and a cosy living room on the other. Set up an accordion-style partition or hang a silk screen between spaces. Or, install a half-wall built for a more permanent solution that combines privacy with function, without changing the structure of the building. Alternately, create a workspace or play room. A partition will hide a messy desk or pile of toys from visitors.

Enhancing Decor

Use a boldly-coloured partition to add colour to an otherwise neutral room, creating a focal point. Or, install a glass wall for a permanent partition that adds beauty and character to your home. Whether you choose cubic glass or one wall-sized piece, glass is modern and elegant. Clear glass allows light to pass through, while frosted glass offers more privacy. Install one to separate the foyer from the rest of your home, or in the bathroom to divide the shower from the toilet. Easy to clean, glass partitions are an investment that enhances the decor of any home, inside or out.

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