Olympic game party theme ideas & decorations

Updated November 21, 2016

The Olympic Games provide a chance for superior athletes to showcase their talents and for viewers to marvel at their abilities. The excitement leading up to and during the games can be channelled into hosting an Olympic-themed party, regardless of the season. With so many sports, locations, and fun food ideas to choose from, the planning process is fairly simple.


Olympic-themed party decorations can be very general, such as replicas of gold medals hanging from the ceiling or cardboard Olympic torch cut-outs displayed on the walls. The Party Pro website features international drink coasters and flag toothpicks to represent the competing countries. The decor can also be very specific, focused around one particular sporting event or the country in which the actual games will be played. For example, if hockey is a favourite sport, check out the inflatable hockey sticks and hockey stick pencils sold by the Oriental Trading Company. Or, if the party is in honour of the London-based 2012 summer Olympics, the decor could include miniature Big Ben clocks and British cutouts of royal guards and London bridges purchased from the Party Cheap website.


Given the popularity and brand significance of the five interlocking rings that represent the Olympic Games, no theme party would be complete without foods that share the same shape. Onion rings and doughnuts are obvious circular choices, but other foods and desserts can be sliced and diced into the same shape. For other fun appetizer ideas, attempt to represent various events through food. For example, spread some peanut butter into the crevice of some celery sticks, then top with a few raisins to represent a racing toboggan team. The Olympics originated in Athens, Greece, so some grilled pita chips would be appropriate, and athletes represent all countries, so an international buffet would also work. If the guests believe in Team USA all the way, all-American fare will be welcome, including apple pie for dessert.


Because the Olympics are all about athletics, party games that test the physical aptitude and manual dexterity of willing and able guests can be very entertaining. The season in which the party is being held and space requirements will dictate what games are possible. For example, the ring toss would be an appropriate year-round party game for both indoor and outdoor locations. A summertime party that includes an available backyard would accommodate outdoor physical contests, such as who can complete the best-looking cartwheel or throw a heavy item the farthest. A wintertime party held only indoors could include tests of balance or a dart-throwing competition. And, if your party is taking place while watching the actual Olympic Games live on television, the Fun Theme Party Ideas website suggests creating a ballot box and having guests guess the winners of each event.

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