Ideas for painting geometric designs on walls

Written by timothy sexton
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Ideas for painting geometric designs on walls
From these simple shapes can come completely unique patterns on your walls. (geometry image by Alexey Klementiev from

Even if you hated geometry when you were in school, you may love the look of geometric shapes on your walls. Decorative painting with judicious use of lines to striking designs is one of the easiest methods for changing the look your walls. The best thing about achieving this textural quality is that tools are available that take away the necessity for having artistic ability and geometrical knowledge.

Tornado Cones

If your kid wants to add a few tornadoes to his walls that are currently adorned with floating clouds, all you need is something that comes to a point, like the other end of a feather. A painted tornado is really just a geometrical shape called a cone. Take the pointy end and draw a series of curved lines with each succeeding line beneath the first getting shorter until you have completed your tornado.

Ideas for painting geometric designs on walls
The pointed end of a feather can be used to create any geometric shape. (feather image by Bianca from

Stencil Shadows

Stencils can be found that allow you to easily transfer geometry to your wall. Stencilling takes the need for a steady hand out of the equation because you are only required to slap some paint across the stencil without going outside the lines of the material into which the shape has been cut. When you remove the stencil, you should see a perfect representation of the geometric shape. Use a lighter shade to create a shadow effect by stencilling another image right next to the first tone.

Stamping Wall Borders

Stamping is another way to get geometric designs onto your wall. Pre-fabricated stamps are already available in a just about any pattern imaginable. Stamping can be even easier than stencilling for applying one simple geometric shape to the wall, as long as you follow directions and don't allow too much paint to get onto the stamp. Stamping is an efficient way to create a border along the top or bottom of walls.

Graining Combs for Stripes

Graining combs can be used to provide a wood grain to your wall, but are also good for creating geometric patterns involving straight lines. Depending on the size of the graining tool, you can create large stripes or smaller stripes. Add some horizontal lines across the vertical lines to create a plaid or tartan pattern.

Squeegee Stripes

Another way to add stripes is to take the rubber part of a regular window squeegee and cut out portions of the rubber. This technique allows you to create individual stripes in a number of patterns depending on the shape you leave behind when you make your cuts. You could create a trifold stripe pattern made of diamonds, squares and rectangles with just one stroke of the squeegee.

Combination and Repetition

Experiment with combinations of geometric patterns and tools before making a final decision on painting your walls. Combine differing geometric patterns or repeat the same pattern from a new perspective to work out a wall design that is totally distinct to your home.

Foam Roller: MVP

A simple foam paint roller is the Most Valuable Player in the world of painting geometric designs. Cut out any design you can imagine into the foam cushion and attach to the roller. Dip into the paint and create straight lines made from that particular design.

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