Doorbell Won't Stop Ringing

Updated February 21, 2017

A stuck doorbell is probably one of the most irritating problems you can experience in your home. Removing the batteries or unplugging the power supply should temporarily stop the problem while you work on a long-term solution. The most likely causes of trouble are issues with the wiring, electronics or outdoor control button. Troubleshooting your malfunctioning doorbell will resolve the most common causes of trouble and attempt to return the device to normal working order.

Wipe down the outdoor control button with a damp cloth to remove any dirt that may be holding the button down. Over time, dirt from fingers and gloves touching the button can cause the button to become stuck. Cold weather can also freeze the button down. Warm the button with a hair dryer if the temperature is below 00 degrees Celsius.

Check the wiring leading from the control button to the doorbell ringer to make sure no wires are frayed or broken. Open the cover of the ringer and use your instruction manual to ensure the wiring is correctly set up. Skip this step if you have a wireless doorbell.

Move the wireless doorbell ringer closer to the front door. Interference from other wireless devices such as remote controls can cause the doorbell to be accidentally activated. Wireless ringers should ideally be located within a few feet of the door unless you need it in another part of your home.


Remove the batteries and call the manufacturer if problems continue.


Always disconnect the power supply before opening the doorbell ringer.

Things You'll Need

  • Cloth
  • Hair dryer (if necessary)
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