Tile backsplash pattern ideas for kitchens

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're thinking about adding a tile backsplash to your kitchen, planning out the type of pattern you're go to use beforehand will save you time and headaches later. You can create a kitchen tile backsplash from almost any size or type of tile, including glass, ceramic or metal.

Keep It Simple

If this is the first time you've ever installed tile, keep it simple by sticking with a basic tile design, like the grid or brick pattern. Create a checkerboard pattern using a dark and a light-coloured tile. Mix the look up by turning tiles on their points to create a diamond look. You also could use a more complex, common tile design, such as the herringbone, which creates a repeating design of 90-degree angles or the windmill pattern, which features four rectangles around a smaller square.

Go Random

For a more contemporary look, go random and skip the typical patterns. Form a grid, diamond or brick pattern and then place a random tile in a different colour of the same size and type sporadically throughout your design. Use a bold blue or red for an eye-popping look. Use multiple tiles of different colours to create a colourful rainbow on your backsplash.

Stripe It

If the typical tile pattern isn't for you, stripe your backsplash. Add tiles as you usually would in a typical grid or diamond pattern. Then install a stripe of tiles in a different colour or different colour family. Stripes typically feature at least two to three rows of tile and can occur one of more times in a single backsplash design, depending on the size of the kitchen backsplash area.

Add an Outline

If you want to add colour to your wall but don't want to get too complex, add a pattern outline. Use decorative tile to create an outline along the edge of a window, the edge of the countertop or the bottom of your cabinets. Solid tiles create a contemporary look and can add a splash of colour. Decorative tiles of flowers, fruit and other objects can lend a more traditional feel to the space.

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