Frat Theme Party Ideas

Written by erin schreiner | 13/05/2017
Frat Theme Party Ideas
Create a party event for your college buddies. (party image by ennavanduinen from

While fraternities generally organise academic and social events, the endeavour that many most often associate this group with is the party. At many colleges, students consider fraternities a reliable means for a recreational enjoyment. While planning a frat party, you have the option of an array of themes. By selecting an adequately engaging theme, you can ensure that your party stands out, increasing the likelihood of attracting the best guests.

ABC Party

There is only one rule for an ABC, or Anything But Clothes party: You can't wear clothes. This does not mean that daring partiers must venture to the event in the buff, but instead that guests must select more inventive ways to cover themselves. Ask your guests to attend your event wearing non-standard attire. Guests may craft clothing from trash bags, textbook pages or even tinfoil. This atypical dress code not only presents a challenge to guests, it also creates an exciting event that will leave a lasting impression.

Catholic School Party

Ask guests to relive their parochial school days with a catholic school party. In invitations, request that guests dress in traditional school uniforms. To fulfil this request effectively, girls should adopt plaid jumpers and skirts while boys should slip on dress slacks or shorts and ties. Imbue your event with a religious theme by preparing an assortment of religious cocktails, such as a "communion cosmopolitan" or a "dunce cap daiquiri." Create dress code violation stickers and playfully present them to guests whose garbs would violate uniform standards in a catholic school.

Rubik's Cube Party

Get guests' brains going with a risque Rubik's cube party. Ask guests to attend this event wearing clothing containing an assortment of colours, all of which can be found on a standard Rubik's cube. Instruct guests to swap clothing with other partiers as they move through the event, working to craft an outfit of all one colour. Reward the guest who successfully completes this task first with an appropriate prize, such as a real Rubik's cube.

Vegas Party

Give your guests a taste of the Vegas strip with a Vegas-themed party. Turn your frat house into a casino for your event by covering tables with green felt and creating gaming stations. As guests enter, provide them with playing chips. Allow guests to move about the space, trying their luck at an assortment of games and showing what big-rollers they really are. Avoid actual monetary wagers, as some colleges have strict rules against on-campus gambling.

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