Fun games for hen parties

Written by kara page
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Fun games for hen parties
Plan several entertaining games if you're hosting a hen party. (party girl image by victor zastol'skiy from

A hen party, also known in the U.S. as a hen party, is in celebration of the bride-to-be's last night as a single girl with her friends. Some ladies might prefer a more casual or classy party, while others see the party as an excuse for things to get raunchy and sexy. Regardless of what type of hen party you are throwing, take care to include several fun games that will ensure everyone stays entertained.

Who's the Liar?

Before the party, prepare a few slips of paper, one for each guest. Write "Truth" on each slip with the exception of one, which says "Lie" instead. Hand these, along with a separate blank slip of paper and a pencil, out to all of the women. On the blank slip of paper, they should write something true about themselves, and the one woman who has the "lie" slip should write an outrageous lie. Encourage the others to write something shocking even if it's a truth; this game can be as nice or raunchy as the guests make it. When they finish, take all of the slips and mix them up, then hand one to each guest. She reads the confession out loud, then tries to guess who wrote it, and whether it was a truth or a lie.

Forbidden Words

Create a short list of words that are forbidden for anyone at the hen party to say throughout the event, such as "husband," "bride," or perhaps more lewd words. Assign a "fine" for saying the words, such as taking a shot of tequila or having to sing the chorus of a song on the spot. This game can get quite funny as guests struggle to come up with other words to replace the forbidden ones. The key is to make the "fines" as entertaining, and potentially embarrassing, as possible.

Bag Bingo

Create a different bingo card for each guest with a total of twenty five (five across and five down) items one might find in a purse, such as cell phone, credit card, tampons or condoms. Call out the items one by one so guests can put a coin on their grids when you call an item they have in their own purse -- they must pull the item out to prove it. The first woman to get five in a row, either up, down or diagonally, is the winner.

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