Problems With Pool Table Cushions

Updated April 17, 2017

Nothing fixes a billiard table game to every player's disadvantage like pool table cushion problems. The slightest problem at the point where balls bounce off of a rail can ruin even the best player's final eight-ball shot. So watch out for indicators that this cloth-covered rubber needs replacing, especially if your pool table is more than 5 years old.


When your pool balls veer off in unintended and random angles, your cushions may be loose. Time takes a toll on glue. Your pool table cushions are subject to becoming unglued. Inspect your table for this problem by pressing down on the outer edge of cushion with the palm of your hand. Should you discover this pool table cushion problem, the remedy is re-cushioning the table.


Strange rebounds off of cushions indicate that your table cushion rubber is too soft. Squeeze the cushion to confirm this suspicion. Walk around the table, squeezing and testing the firmness of your billiard table cushions. Bounce balls around and look for irregular rebounds. Any irregularity in firmness will ruin your next pool game.


Rubber ages in mysterious ways, and another potential cushion problem is hardening. This problem is easy to recognise. Listen for balls making a "thunk" sound when they hit the rubber cushions during play. Hard cushions impact the amount of speed a pool ball can get. Warn your pool game guests about this problem if you notice any hardening of your pool cushions before you have time to replace them.


Due to the various changes that rubber suffers over time, the profile of your pool cushions can change. Ball movements slow as a result. Accuracy during play also becomes an issue. Ageing rubber ultimately makes your billiard table look strange, as well. This problem is usually seen on pool tables built more than 20 years ago. You'll extend the life of an ageing pool table by replacing pool cushions, and your guests will appreciate the chance to win a fair pool game.

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