Feet Games for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Feet games help small children improve their motor skills while helping them get to know their bodies better. Kids can learn that their feet help them from place to place, and they can also learn to think about their feet and how they use them. Choose feet games that will entertain and educate your kids.

Pencil Pass

Seat the kids in a circle and show them how you can pick up a pencil between your toes. Give the pencil to the first child and tell them to pick up the pencil between their toes. Tell the kids to pass the pencil from foot to foot until the pencil has made its way around circle. This is a good game to emphasise how mobile the feet really are.

Toe to Heel Race

Line the children up and tell them that there is going to be a race. Instead of running, however, they need to walk quickly with one foot directly in front of the other. For each step, the heel of the leading foot must touch the toes of the rear foot. The child who makes it to the finish line first is the winner.

Beanbag Bounce

Show the children how you can balance a beanbag on the top of your foot. Then, show them how you can bounce it in the air and keep bouncing it off that foot. Let the children take turns. The child who can bounce the beanbag in the air the most times in a row is the winner.

Group Support

Divide the children into groups of four or five kids. Tell them that they need to stand together. The group that has the least number of feet on the ground wins. Some suggestions involve some kids carrying other children and balancing on one foot as they hang onto each other.

Icy Freeze

Fill a paddling pool with water and drop in a tray of ice cubes. Tell the children that they need to get all of the ice cubes out of the water, but they can only do so using their feet. Encourage them to get creative and to help each other. They may try to pinch the ice cubes with their toes or they may try to work together to hold the ice cubes between two feet as they hold onto each other and balance on their free feet. This is an ideal game for a hot day.

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