What are some game ideas for an 8-year-old boy's party?

Updated July 19, 2017

Whether your eight-year-old has a birthday coming up or he just wants some friends to come over for a special occasion, planning the right activities is the key to a successful party. So come up with some fun-filled games your eight-year-old and all his friends can appreciate and enjoy throughout the party.

Hunt for Candy

Eight-year-old boys usually love both candy and animals, so this game from the Games Article Archive website is perfect. Prepare by hiding several bags of candy around the party space. Then, divide the players into two or more teams. Have each team pick a leader and an animal that makes a distinct noise, such as a dog, cat or cow. Have all the leaders move to the opposite side of the room and blindfold them. After you count to three, all the players aside from the leaders search around the room for the bags of candy. Once a player finds a bag, he calls for his leader using the animal noise the team decided on earlier. The leader then has to find his group members to pick up the candy. No one else but the leader can collect the candy. The team that collects the most candy wins the game, though everyone gets to eat the candy they collected.


As most eight-year-old boys enjoy the thrill of sneaking around, try playing this game of stalkers. Blindfold half the players. The rest become stalkers. Position the blindfolded players in the yard a few feet away from each other. Place a party prize in between each blindfolded player's feet, making sure the players' feet do not touch the prize. When ready, silently signal for the stalkers to begin the game. The stalkers all try to quickly and quietly steal the blindfolded players' prizes without getting caught. If a blindfolded player senses a stalker nearby, he can try to get the stalker out by pointing directly at him. If successful, the blindfolded player trades places with the stalker. The player with the most prizes at the end of the game wins.

Circle Group Relay

To get the eight-year-olds moving outside to burn off some of the calories they have gained after eating birthday cake, try the circle group relay. Divide the players into two teams. Instruct each team to make a circle by linking arms together at the elbows. Facing outward, the teams all must race to a finish line and back to the starting point without breaking the circle. The first team to do this wins the game.

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