Unusual Garden Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Gardens need both growing plants and ornaments to provide variety and visual interest. Your garden can combine visual interest with the plants by using unusual methods to raise your plants. By turning your plants into garden ornaments you can make them the focal point of your garden rather than the backdrop.

Bean Tepee

A bean tepee is a simple project that provides younger gardeners with a clubhouse of their own right inside a garden. Bean tepes may be easily created by tying four bamboo stakes into a pyramid shape. Plant two bean seeds next to each stake and allow them to grow upright. The bean vines will soon cover the tepee and begin to produce flowers and vegetables.

Upside-Down Tomato Plant

An upside-down tomato plant grows from the bottom of a container rather than the top. As the tomato plant grows, the tips of it turn upright toward the sun to give the plant a J-shaped appearance. You can choose an heirloom variety for an extremely unusual fruit appearance to go with this unusual growing method. A few companies sell grow bags for growing tomatoes in the upside-down style. You can also make your own growing container by using a 5-gallon bucket with a lid.

Strawberry Barrel

If you would like to grow strawberries but do not have the space, you can grow them vertically in planting holes made in the sides of 55-gallon containers. According to the University of Florida, it is possible to obtain 30 pints of strawberries by growing between 40 and 50 plants in one 55-gallon barrel. To do this, make concentric rings of holes around the outside of the barrel. Sink a perforated 4-inch-in-diameter PVC pipe into the centre of the barrel. Then fill the barrel around the outside of the pipe with potting soil up to the first ring of holes. Insert a strawberry plant into each hole. Then fill the soil up to the next ring of holes. Continue in this way until you have completely filled the barrel.

Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is a type of miniature garden that combines flowers such as baby's breath or chamomile with tiny garden ornaments. The garden is a fantasy garden designed to look like a home and yard for imaginary fairies. The fairies will be attracted to the home if it includes a structure such as a toad home with a fenced garden space. A fairy home should be out of the way so that it will give a fairy some privacy. Fairies prefer to be near the same types of plants that attract butterflies, such as parsley, petunias, rosemary, thyme, lavender, pansies, iris, poppies, daylilies and strawberries.

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