Paint colors that go with blue

Whether you're decorating around a favourite blue comforter or a large blue painting, or if you just like blue and you know you'll be using a lot of it in your bedroom decorating, you have many options to consider when trying to pick a matching wall paint colour.


In a way, white goes with almost everything. It's a predictable fallback for anyone who wants the paint in a room to remain flexible and invulnerable to decorative changes. At the same time, white tends to wash out the other colours in a room, becoming the dominant visual force. White can be a boring choice and is better used as trim, or as an accent or highlight, rather than the overall colour of a wall.


Beige is a neutral colour that is more visually interesting and less dominating than white. Beige will also match other colours; if a shift is ever made from blue to some other colour, beige walls have a good chance of matching most things. Beige is not an exciting colour, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is calming and it speaks to an intentional design choice, unlike white, which is more often seen as a choice one makes when one decides not to choose at all.

Other Shades of Blue

An overall blue room, with shades of navy, medium-toned and light, powdery blue will work together. Keep in mind that "blue" is a broadly defined category of colour. Blues can have hints of green or grey or violet. For this reason, it is important to choose blues that are essentially tints and shades of one another--not different colours down on the spectrum.

Analogous Colors

An analogous colour scheme is based on colours that appear beside one another on the colour wheel. For blue, these colours are purple and green--the cool colours. Analogous colours are meant to go well together, but this is a colour scheme that should be followed through on in order to pull off effectively. In other words, if an analogous colour is picked for the walls, other shades of that colour and the other analogous colours should be included in other places throughout the room.

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