Nautical Garden Ideas

Written by carl hose | 13/05/2017
Nautical Garden Ideas
Nautical themes help make a garden beautiful and they add functionality. (nautical dream image by Sergey Kamshylin from

A nautical theme offers many possibilities when it comes to decorating your garden. The beauty of the sand and sea and all its trappings seem a perfect fit for a backyard garden. Turn your garden into a nautical paradise that will add a pleasing aesthetic appearance to your landscape.

Seashell Walkways

Seashells are ideal for narrow walkways leading up to your garden. Large conch shells as a border and crushed seashells for the walkway itself, winding its way toward your garden area, is an effective way to lead guests to your nautical garden while setting the scene.

Ship-Shaped Deck

Building a deck around your garden that resembles a ship adds a nice nautical touch to your garden while providing functionality. Include a gang plank leading down into your garden so you can access it easily. Place ship steering wheels around the perimeter of your deck, attached to your main water supply so you can turn the wheels to activate a sprinkler system.

Garden Area Beach

Bring in sand, seashells, coral and starfish and build a miniature beach pond beside your garden. A couple of model ships floating in the pond, along with colourful coral can give your nautical garden a bright, cheerful touch. Adding a few tropical plants, if they will grow in your area, can add a nautical tropical island feel to your garden as well.

Nautical Fencing

Enclose your garden with bleached wooden fence posts and cover it with a fishing net. Attach miniature seashells to the fishing net for decoration. This not only adds a nautical touch to your garden, but it can also help keep out pests that might destroy your garden.

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