White black and red exterior house paint ideas

Written by erik devaney
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White black and red exterior house paint ideas
Black shutters can help give windows the appearance that they are inset. (stylish windows with black shutters & beige frames image by sootra from Fotolia.com)

People commonly use the colours white, black and red on the exteriors of their homes, and each of these colours helps to create a specific mood or effect. Getting the most out of this popular colour triad--which sports teams and armies alike have historically utilised--relies on using each colour in its appropriate exterior space.

White Trim

White is a bright, clean and fresh colour that works well in a variety of exterior trim applications. According to This Old House, it is especially well suited for trim immediately adjacent to and surrounding windows, as the bright colour helps reflect light inside the home. And while you should keep the innermost portions of your window trim white, you can frame them with black or red outer trim. In addition to white window trim, try using white barge boards, as This Old House recommends. Barge boards are flat pieces of board that stretch along the roofline of a home. They create decorative barriers that visually separate the roof from the wall space below it.

Black Window Features

As mentioned, white is one of the best colour options when it comes to inner sections of window trim. However, for other, outer window features, such as shutters and sashes, darker colours, such as black, are the best. As Better Homes and Gardens notes, you should always paint your shutters and sashes darker than the other elements of your home's exterior, as it will create contrast and help make the windows appear to recede into the underlying walls. In addition to using pure or jet black, you can experiment with toned-down or off-black colours, such as incredibly dark shades of brown and green.

Red Door

The front door is one of the first elements of a home that a visitor's gaze is naturally drawn to. For this reason, your choice of front door colour will have a large impact on a person's first impression of your home and your personality. If you want your door to display warmth, power and passion, no colour can match the intensity of red. As House Beautiful notes, two of the best "front door" shades of red paint include luscious, or lipstick, red, which is incredibly bright and glossy, and cinnabar, which is tinged with orange and resembles the colour of paprika.

Complementing Red

If you plan to use the colour red on other exterior features of your home, such as shutters, trim or entire sections of wall or siding, try complementing them with the colour green. Green is directly opposite red on a colour wheel, which means that the two colours naturally accent each other. However, as This Old House warns, make sure to avoid pure, bright shades of red and green, as the resulting colour scheme will be gaudy and Christmassy. Instead, cut your reds and greens with grey to tone them down.

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