Indoor sports party games for kids

Updated February 21, 2017

If you'd like to host your celebration indoors but want to incorporate some fun sports games for kids, consider altering the classic outdoor games for indoor use. Smaller playing areas and soft materials and gear allow for creative twists on games like volleyball and the traditional obstacle course. For all activities, maintain a safe, open area free of breakables, sharp corners and large obstructions.

Indoor Volleyball Game

Modify the classic sport for a beach-themed indoor party. Use a beach ball, foam Nerf ball or balloon instead of an actual volleyball. Be sure you use a room with wide open space clear of breakables and most furniture. Set up a miniature net, and mark your court lines with tape. For younger kids, set the net relatively low and keep the court boundaries close in.

Skating Games

For an interesting party, host your celebration at an ice-skating or roller rink. Most of these venues offer party packages that include pizza or food discounts and a party room. Depending on where you skate, you might organise relay races or skate dancing contests. Be sure to give all participants a prize, not just the winners. If you don't have access to a rink, consider a local park with pavement or a large driveway. Large garages also work well. Clear all skating surfaces of pebbles and other debris.

Boxcar Fun

This activity is best for the younger crowd, though older kids are sure to enjoy it if you have enough space. Supply boxes large enough for a kid to sit in. You need one for every two kids. Have the kids decorate their box cars with markers, crayon and other art supplies. Taping plastic on the bottom of the boxes reduces friction and allows for easier movement. Create a "racetrack" with tape or other markers. Use small pieces of furniture for obstacles and flashlights for stoplights or create your own stop signs. Have kids take turns pushing each other through the track.

Indoor Obstacle Course

For toddlers and preschoolers, create an on-foot obstacle course. Mark out a path with tape or cones. Twisting paths work well. Use rope strung about two feet off the ground (to sturdy furniture or posts) for kids to crawl under. Stack pillows to climb over or lay out a gym mat for some leapfrogs, rolls or just hopping on one foot. Feel free to incorporate beanbag tosses or ring throws. Kids enjoy ribbon twirling on the last station.

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