Ideas for a bedroom alcove

Updated April 17, 2017

While architectural oddities like slanted attic ceilings or a bedroom alcove can make painting and furniture arrangement more challenging, they also offer extra room for creativity. Whether your bedroom alcove is large or small, liven it up with the accoutrements of one of your passions. Even a tiny space can be functional and beautiful.


Turn the bedroom alcove into a computer desk area, following the example of the first office showcased in the article "24 Creative Home Offices" on the website "" A bedroom office area tucked away in an alcove is perfect for handling paperwork, writing in a journal, running a home business, or just surfing the Internet. If the alcove is not wide enough to permit a conventional desk, install a deep shelf on sturdy brackets, hung at desk height. Mount a gooseneck lamp on the end of the shelf to provide flexible lighting. Add a narrow shelf above the desk shelf to provide storage for items and books you use often.

Nature Refuge

Create an inspiring, rejuvenating miniature nature retreat in your alcove. Paint the walls a lively green, the colour of sugar-snap peas. Hang a poster or framed photograph of your favourite outdoor location on the main wall. Squeeze a comfortable chair, a reading lamp, and a bookshelf into the alcove if possible. Hang baskets of shade-tolerant plants like Christmas ferns.

Sleeping Nook

Tuck your bed into the alcove--lengthwise or width-wise, depending upon the alcove's dimensions--to create a cosy sleeping space that feels like a refuge. If the bed fits lengthwise, take an idea from the article "Revisiting Natalie's Alcove Studio House Tour" on the website "Apartment Therapy" and install curtains that can be drawn across the alcove opening, sealing off the bed from the rest of the room. This creates a sense of privacy and of snuggling into a nest or cave. If the bed fits width-wise, with the long axis of the bed extending outward into the room, decorative curtains that always stay tied back can function as decorative accents, visually framing the headboard. Paint the sleeping nook a mild, soothing colour, such as lavender or sea-foam green.

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