Storage solutions for small bedrooms without a closet

Updated February 21, 2017

A small bedroom requires considerable organisation to keep the room neat and tidy. When there is no closet space in the room, the challenge is greater. The creative use of storage boxes, containers and clothing racks can help to store unused items, clothing and personal belongings in the bedroom. A well-designed bedroom can also have a stylish appearance when the right storage containers and furniture are used.

Under the Bed

Storage containers designed to slide under the bed are a good option for storing clothing that is out of season. This can reserve the space in a wardrobe or hanging system used in the room for clothing that is in season. Under-the-bed storage containers are also good for extra blankets and bedding.

Some platform bed designs have built in drawers and storage compartments that can help a smaller bedroom and take the place of a dresser.

Furniture Solutions

Wardrobes and armoires offer hanging solutions for bedrooms without a closet. A wardrobe generally has an area with a clothing rod and additional drawers or storage. This type of furniture can be large and may be difficult to fit in a smaller bedroom. Sleeker designs are available to make the best use of space in smaller bedrooms.

Loft beds reduce the amount of space taken on the floor of the bedroom, leaving it open to dressers, bureaus and other storage items. A loft bed raises the bed off the floor and uses only enough space on the floor for the legs of the bed.

Shelving Systems

A room that does not have a closet often has an area that can be used for storage. With a rod attached to the wall for hanging and shelving systems installed below, the area can be covered with a curtain to create a closet in the smaller bedroom. Shelves can store sweaters and T-shirts to reduce the need for hanging space.

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