Cupcake Ideas for a Teenage Girl's Birthday Party

Updated November 21, 2016

Baking cupcakes to impress a large group of teenage girls is sometimes challenging but allowing the girls to help decorate the cupcakes will satisfy many picky teens and provide a fun activity for the party. Make sure that you take care of all the baking and icing preparation so the teenagers and the birthday girl are only responsible for the fun aspects of cupcake decorating.

Slumber Party Cupcakes

Decorate the cupcakes to look like sleeping guests at a teenage girl's slumber party. Ice each baked and cooled cupcake with the frosting flavour of your choice and place a large marshmallow in the centre of each cupcake to represent the sleeper's body. Make a blanket for each cupcake by rolling pieces of coloured taffy into thin rectangles. You can cut designs out of additional pieces of taffy to decorate your blankets, if desired. Place each blanket gently on top of the marshmallow bodies. Now you can create the heads of your teenage guests with round chocolate and vanilla wafers. Pipe on hair and facial features with icing. Nestle a small teddy bear shaped cookie or animal cracker next to each sleeper as a finishing touch.

Popcorn Cupcakes

Celebrate a girl's movie themed birthday party with sweet popcorn cupcakes. Make candy popcorn by cutting miniature marshmallows into thirds and pressing the pieces together to form a flat clover shape. Place a whole mini marshmallow onto the centre of this clover to form one piece of popcorn. You can use white miniature marshmallows or pick the yellow marshmallows from a bag of multicoloured marshmallows to make buttered popcorn. Ice your cupcakes with white, off-white or yellow icing and then gently press the candy popcorn onto the cupcakes to cover the entire frosted surface.

Rock Star Cupcakes

Create sparkling microphones to top each cupcake using miniature ice cream cones and doughnut holes. Attach each doughnut hole to an ice cream cone with icing and cover the exposed part of the doughnut hole with additional icing. Dip the freshly frosted doughnut hole into a bowl of silver cake sprinkles or decorating sugar. Arrange your microphones on top of cupcakes iced with the birthday girl's favourite icing flavour or colour. You can even push a piece of shoestring liquorice into the bottom of each ice cream cone to create a cord for your microphones.

Giant Ring Cupcakes

Create giant cupcake rings that teenage girls can really wear before eating. Look for finger food plastic plates which have a ring on the bottom at party supply stores to form your cupcake jewellery. Bake mini cupcakes in gold or silver foil wrappers to add extra bling and frost the cooled cupcakes in the colour of your choice. Decorate with candy jewels, spice drops, gum drops and plenty of decorating sugar to make the rings sparkle. Mount each cupcake on a finger food plate with a dab of melted chocolate on the centre of the plate.

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