Creative Ideas for a 46th Birthday Party

Updated February 21, 2017

Some birthdays --- like the 46th --- appear to carry no particular significance at all. This can make it difficult to plan a birthday party around a central theme. It may be difficult, but it is not impossible if you think creatively. After all, every birthday is at least a bit of a milestone, and worthy of celebration in its own right --- you can plan a party that will make 46 the best birthday of all.

Birth Year

If the guest of honour is turning 46 in 2010, then he was born in 1964 --- so throw a 1964 party. Play The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and other music that were big hits that year. Put up posters featuring Martin Luther King Jr., Mary Poppins and Lyndon Johnson. Invite guests to dress in the styles of that year and serve them TV dinners while they watch an episode of the TV show, "Gilligan's Island."


For a really creative birthday theme, organise a party around the numerological meanings of the number 46. Numerology is the study of number symbolism, and 46 is supposed to represent leadership, integrity and intelligence. Persons associated with the number 46 are thought to make excellent politicians, teachers and entertainers --- so have a party and pay tribute to the guest of honor's bossiness, boldness and brains.


There are 46 chromosomes in the human body, arranged in 23 pairs. Why not have a Genetic Birthday Bash? Guests should come in couples and remain tied together at the waist throughout the party; each pair could dress to represent a characteristic such as hair colour, eye colour or height. Serve food that comes packaged in twos, such as toaster pastries and sponge cakes. The perfect gift to bring to a Genetic Birthday Bash is new jeans, of course!

Traditional by Year

Wedding anniversaries have long had traditional gifts associated with the year, so adapt them to fit a birthday theme. The gift associated with 46 years of marriage is personalised poetry, so turn a 46th birthday party into a poetic tribute to the birthday girl. Have each guest bring a poem --- anything from a limerick to a sonnet --- paying tribute to the guest of honour, put the poems in a scrapbook and present it as a group gift. Decorate the party venue with white paper, quill feathers and a stuffed raven over the door. Tell guests to dress in their idea of a poetic costume; outfits will range from cowboy poets to Shakespeare.

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