Creative Ideas for an 18th Birthday Party

Written by jennifer eblin | 13/05/2017
Creative Ideas for an 18th Birthday Party
Invite guests over for a faux cocktail party. (cocktail image by Travelfish from

The 18th birthday is one of a child's last milestones. When a teen turns 18, he earns the right to vote and becomes busy with college plans or planning life after high school. When working on a party idea or a theme, take into account the interests of the individual and his maturity level. You may find that your teen vetoes all indoor party ideas, preferring to have fun outside. Use your imagination to plan an 18th birthday party your teen won't forget.

Murder Mystery Party

Host an upscale murder mystery party for the 18-year-old and her friends. Pick a decade to set the party in, such as the 1920s or 1940s. On the invitations, inform guests of the party theme and ask that they come dressed in appropriate costumes. Plan a murder mystery complete with suspects, motives and facts pertaining to the case, or buy a murder mystery set that includes everything you need. Once the party starts, guests learn of the murder and then work together to uncover the murderer before the end of the night.

Camping Party and BBQ

Invite guests to an outdoor camping party. Borrow tents from neighbours, friends and family members or encourage the teens to bring their own tents. Set the tents up before the teens get to the campground and reserve a few spots for those bringing their own equipment. Host a barbecue early in the night for those who want to attend the party but can't stay the night. Offer a wide range of foods, including hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs and even veggie burgers or dogs for those who don't eat meat. Provide all the fixings for s'mores, along with metal roasting sticks or wood sticks for cooking food at night.

A Mocktail Party

Though 18 seems "old" to a teen, it's still too young to drink legally; but the law doesn't apply to mocktails. Mocktails are non-alcoholic versions of popular alcohol based drinks. Host an upscale mocktail party for a mature 18-year-old and his friends. Provide a blender, plenty of ice, fruit juices, seltzer and other items for the teens to make their own non-alcoholic drinks. Find a few recipes for virgin daiquiris or similar drinks and have those ready before guests arrive. Serve a wide range of finger foods and encourage guests to try out other recipes you have or experiment and make their own.

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