50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas & Favors to Make

Updated February 21, 2017

Couples who are celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary have a wealth of memories to look back on, and will want family and friends to celebrate this relationship milestone with them. If your parents or grandparents are approaching their 50th anniversary, it's essential to come up with festive party activities and favours that will make the event one to remember.

"50 Years Ago" Party

Create a party that is reminiscent of the couple's wedding reception 50 years ago. If it was in the 1960s, serve food such as buffet foods like baked chicken and baked beans, or appetizers like cucumber spread with crackers or strudels made with mushroom. Ask all party guests to dress '60s-inspired clothing, such as brightly coloured short dresses with flower print for women, or mod-style business suits for men. Use pictures of the couple from their wedding date, or photos that they took when they were dating for party decorations; frame the photos in gold frames (the official colour of the 50th wedding anniversary), and display them at each table to create a conversation piece for guests.

Electronic Party Accents

As part of the party entertainment, put together a DVD that features family members and friends of the couple, wishing them a happy 50th wedding anniversary. Contact old friends or co-workers of the couple to be included in the DVD surprise, feature some photos that the couple will appreciate in the video display, such as the birth of their children, the couple standing in front of their first home or attending their children's weddings. As a party favour, record a CD filled with the couple's favourite songs, or the selections that were played at the couple's wedding reception. Place the party favours in plastic CD cases, and tie a gold satin ribbon around each case to give the favour a decorative accent that is in keeping with the 50th golden anniversary theme.

"Location" Party

Find out where the couple's favourite vacation spot is, or their favourite leisure activity. Plan the anniversary party based on this theme to ensure that the couple will have a wonderful time at the celebration. If your parents or grandparents love to be out on the water, rent a boat for the party and have food catered by a nearby restaurant. If the couple love to vacation in tropical locations like Hawaii or the Bahamas, set up a backyard luau by decorating with island flowers and paper lanterns, featuring the couple's favourite fruits. If you're not able to get all the decorations and party accents that you want to re-create the vacation spot that the couple loves the most, ask family and friends to pitch in to help cover the cost of a cruise or mini-vacation for the guests of honour. This gift can be presented as a surprise, and is a wonderful way to end the celebration.

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