Ideas for Sewing Pages of Cloth Activity Books for Toddlers

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you're looking for a gift idea for a friend's child or a quick project to make for your own son or daughter, a soft cloth activity book with easy-to-turn pages is a fun and educational option. In times past, when paper was hard to come by, people made books out of cloth to teach children and pass stories down through the generations. You can do the same by creating a cloth book for your toddler.

Cover the Basics

Get a head start on your child's education and recognition skills by covering a few learning basics in your cloth book, such as the alphabet, numbers or colours. To add a little fun, cut the colours into fruit shapes such as apples and bananas, add Velcro on the backs, and place them on a fruit basket page. Make letters and numbers detachable, and create a page or two with a surface on which your child can play with them.

Tell a Story

If you have a favourite fairy tale, myth or family story you love to tell, create a cloth book full of colour that conveys it. Use pictures of your toddler for the hero, or add in a wise woman who looks like Grandma. You can even include words on the pages for your child to read when she gets older. To add an interesting texture for little hands, quilt the images of people or animals onto a basic cotton fabric. Use a different fabric with a different texture for each item so your toddler can feel the difference between characters

Fasten It

Buttoning a button, zipping a zipper and snapping a snap are fine motor skills you may take for granted as an adult, but little hands may not have learnt these skills yet. Help your toddler build his fine motor skills by creating a cloth book about getting dressed or a similar activity that involves fastening items. For a toddler toy that will last for years, add cloth flaps for your toddler to peek underneath and pockets for him to store small items.

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