Free snooker games to play

Snooker is a game played with a cue and 15 balls of various colours on a standard 6- by 12-foot billiards table (it began as a variation of billiards). There are a number of versions of online snooker that are available to play for free, as well as a number of online leagues that are free to join but charge for participation in snooker contests with monetary rewards.

Game Serpent

The website Game Serpent offers over 50 free variations on billiards, some of which are snooker games. Billiard Blitz 2: Snooker Skool, for example, is a snooker game that you can play for free in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. In it, the goal is to shoot the pink balls into the pockets. Or play Snooker, which teaches you step by step how to play snooker. In both of these games, you play alone or against the computer.

Fly Or Die

Fly Or Die is another website with many free snooker options. On this website, rather than playing against a computer character, you can play against other people who are online. Simply choose a "room" and enter it to play against someone. Fly Or Die offers easy rules and instructions for gameplay. You can choose from beginner to advanced levels, from language options including French and German, and from quick snooker to serious league play.


The website Flash-Game allows you to play a Java version of snooker for free. You simply click "Play" to play against the computer. This website also offers some unique options if you sign up for a free membership with Jo-Games. Choose a user name and password and you will be able to play the full version of snooker and also play the full version in 3-D. You can also download the game to your computer or iPhone.

The Snooker Club

The Snooker Club website calls itself the "leading online snooker game." Its game offering, iSnooker, is a realistic, 3-D game that you can play free. With your download, you receive a trial account to The Snooker Club, which gives you a 10-day membership and access to members-only activities. With a full membership, the Snooker Club offers online league play and tournaments that pay cash prizes to the winners every few hours. Prices for a full membership range from £4 for a one-month membership to £29 for a one-year membership.

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