Saints & Sinners Costume Ball Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Costume balls can be a blast at Halloween or anytime in the fall to celebrate the changing of the seasons, and a "saints and sinners" theme ball is no exception. There are several approaches to choosing what type of costume you want to wear to a saints and sinners costume ball, whether you attend with a date or go it alone.

A Couple of Saints or Sinners

If you and a friend or date want to attend the ball as a pair of "saints" or "sinners," draw inspiration from history or comic books or movies. For example, choose "saints" and dress up a couple of superheroes from the "X-Men" franchise. Alternatively, explore the "sinners" side of history and dress as the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.

A Bit of Contrast

Play both sides of the ball with your date and attend as opposites, one as the "saint" and the other as the "sinner." Immerse yourselves in your parts by memorising the famous sayings or mannerisms of the characters or real-life figures you've chosen to portray for the costume party. For example, masquerade as detective Sherlock Holmes and nemesis Professor Moriarty, throwing in a few famous lines such as "The game is afoot."

Two Faces

If attending a saints and sinners costume ball alone, purchase or create a costume that represents both a "saint" and a "sinner." For example, create a two-sided costume with one side as Al Capone and the other as Elliot Ness. You may be able to find a costume at a local costume store or order one online. Alternatively, hire a seamstress to create a costume for you based on your specifications and any photos you've provided of the characters you want to portray.

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