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Updated July 19, 2017

When youth participate in extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, their chances of success increase, according to Education World, an online education resource for teachers and administrators. Participating in a club helps build a child's confidence and self esteem, according to Education World. Because of these benefits, youth leaders strive to implement successful programs or projects for clubs or organisations. To help with the funding aspect, there are various grant opportunities that benefit youth and clubs.

Ben & Jerry's Foundation

Safety initiatives, "Eat Local" campaigns and community service efforts are just a few projects that the Ben & Jerry's Foundation has supported. This foundation coordinates the National Small Grant Program to support projects nationwide that correlate with focus areas that include social justice, sustainable food systems and environmental protection, according to the foundation.

Grants that are typically £650 are awarded throughout the year, and funds are only awarded to an organisation or club one time. There is a limited amount of grant money, and the foundation will provide grants until funds are no longer available.

Ben & Jerry's Foundation, Inc.

30 Community Drive

South Burlington, VT 05403


Youth Garden Grants Program

Schools, youth groups, clubs and non-profit organisations that plan to implement a gardening program may qualify to receive Youth Garden Grants from The Home Depot and the National Gardening Association.

To receive funding, a project must focus on a variety of areas that include entrepreneurship, environmental education, nutrition, service learning, team building and plant-to-food connections. At least 15 children must be involved in the gardening program, and these children must be between the ages of 3 and 18.

Typically, about 100 grants are awarded. Five projects receive £650 gift tokens, and 95 projects receive £325 gift tokens. This money is to be used for gardening supplies from The Home Depot and the National Gardening Association.

National Gardening Association

1100 Dorset Street

South Burlington, VT 05403


Youth in Action Grants

Cumberland Farms awards youth-led 4-H Clubs with Youth in Action grants to be used to execute a service-learning project that will benefit a community. Funding will only be awarded to 4-H Clubs in Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, Maine, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont.

The service project must relate to healthy living, safety, science, the environment, workforce preparation and citizenship. Grants are typically £910 and the funding cycle is usually from February to November annually.


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