Buddhist Baby Gifts

Written by alyson paige | 13/05/2017
Buddhist Baby Gifts
Honour Buddhist parents and babies with appropriate Buddhist baby gifts. (Buddhist monk image by Melissa Schalke from Fotolia.com)

Buddhists celebrate occasions for babies just as most expectant parents in the Western hemisphere do. When honouring the baby of Buddhist parents, show respect for the tradition. Consider Buddhist beliefs, such as regard for the Buddha and meditation. Translate these core values into appropriate baby gifts for a newborn, a Buddhist naming ceremony, and a first birthday. With reflection, you can select the right gift.

Baby Shower Gift

Buddhist Baby Gifts
Celebrate new life with Buddhist-centred baby gifts. (newborn image by jodi mcgee from Fotolia.com)

Buddhists who live in the Western world anticipate an approaching birth with gifts from friends and family. Give a soon-to-be Buddhist mom a baby shower gift that resonates with her Buddhist philosophy. Bring her a supply of bibs printed with Buddhist concepts, such as "Delusions and desires are without end. I vow to end them. I vow to penetrate them." Add a set of MP3 Buddhist songs for children to soothe mother and child throughout the day and the night. Buddhist children's music may include songs such as "To Love Is to Care and Be Kind" and "Compassion" by Buddhist artist Imee Ooi.

Naming Ceremony

Buddhist Baby Gifts
Buddha statues represent specific schools of Buddhism. (Buddha image by Lytse from Fotolia.com)

Within days after a baby is born, Buddhist parents hold a naming ceremony. Invited guests may bring gifts for the child. Give a gift that will recall Buddhist values as the child grows. UrbanDharma.org explains that the first Buddhist refuge, the Buddha, represents taking refuge in the wisdom of the Awakened One. Give a Buddhist baby a set of happy Buddha statues or a Buddha hanging print.

First Birthday

First birthdays offer occasions for celebrating a child on the threshold of life. Bring a Tibetan Buddhist child a gift of Buddhist mala--prayer and meditation--beads. Give a Buddhist child a book about the young prince Siddhartha Gautama, who became the Awakened One. "Prince Siddhartha: The Story of Buddha" by Jonathan Landaw and "Becoming Buddha: The Story of Siddhartha" by Whitney Stewart tell the story of the Buddha's early life. Present Buddhist parents with a book to guide them as they teach their child how to practice Buddhist meditation. Lisa Desmond's "Baby Buddhas: A Guide for Teaching Meditation to Children" and "A Pebble for Your Pocket" by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh offer child-level information about Zen Buddhist meditation.

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