Dining ideas for small kitchens

Updated November 21, 2016

Small kitchens can feel cramped and cluttered if you don't maximise the space appropriately. If you who work with the flow of the space, you can find creative ways to fit a dining area into a small area. Some simple ideas include creating a breakfast nook space, including banquette seating and choosing the correct table. All of these solutions convert hidden corners and seemingly awkward spacing into the small, but effective dining rooms within the kitchen. The idea is toallow for flowing traffic and choosing the right solution for a particular space.

Breakfast Nook

Occasionally, small kitchens designs include a bay window or a small jutting alcove. While these spaces may seem awkward, they make wonderful dining areas in the kitchen. Commonly called the "breakfast nook" there is no reason why a small alcove cannot be the kitchen's primary eating area. The Kitchen Bath Ideas website, recommends using a narrow, high-top console table to make the most of a small alcove. Place these tables under a window and compliment with high-backed bar stools. Utilising a seemingly awkward corner of the kitchen allows homeowners to eat comfortably in their kitchen space.

Banquette Seating

Banquette seating is another way to create a dining area in a kitchen with very little space. Choose a corner of wall of the kitchen not occupied by appliances or low cabinetry. The Country Living website recommends building in padded bench seating, known as a banquette. One benefit to adding a built-in banquette is that including hinged seating provides extra storage space below. Compliment banquette seating with a table that fits in the space. For banquettes along the wall, choose a long, narrow table. For corner banquets, compliment with a round or square table that tucks easily into the corner space.

Table Choice

Sometimes creating a dining solution for a small kitchen is a matter of choosing the right dining table. The This Old House website recommends maximising a small kitchen space by selecting a round table. Typically, these tables take up less space. The lack of harsh angles allows traffic in a busy, tight space to flow easily around the kitchen space. To further maximise travel space around the table, choose chairs that tuck under the table easily. In extremely cramped quarters, it may not be ideal to have a table permanently in the space. A small, folding bistro table and folding chairs may be ideal in some cases. They can be removed when there is a need for more maneuverability in the space. Choose folding tables made from sturdy tables and with high quality finishes in place of the card table standard of the college apartment.

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