Tickle games to play with your baby

Updated February 21, 2017

Tickling your baby is a fun activity that makes himt laugh and occasionally can help him forget about something upsetting. Different games can be introduced with tickling to help stimulate your baby's mind and make the game more encompassing. While parents commonly come up with their own games, plenty of fun tickle games exist to play with your baby.

Tickle Songs

Tickle songs are ideal for babies between 1 and 6 months of age. Lay your baby close to you on your lap and sing a short sing that he likes. As you sing gently rub your baby's tummy. At the end of the song tickle the baby for a short while before repeating the song and ending with a tickle once again. Your baby should begin to giggle near the end of a song in anticipation for the tickle time yet to come. Your baby will learn memory skills from short, rhythmic songs included in the game.

Round and Round the Garden

Round and Round the Garden is a fun, rhyming tickle game to play with your baby. Start by circling your baby's belly button and saying "Round and round the garden, goes the teddy bear." Next, walk your finger up your baby's torso while counting the steps "One step, two steps, three steps." Last, exclaim excitedly "Tickle your under there!" and tickle your baby under his chin. Variations of this game can be made by walking your fingers to your baby's feet or hands to tickle her, simply remove the word "under" from the rhyme.

The Bee

Lay your baby comfortably on hiss back in your lap and form a "B" shape with your fingers. Fly your fingers around in the air while making buzzing sounds. After a few seconds of flying the "B" around in the air exclaim "The bee is going to tickle you!" and tickle his tummy or feet. This teaches your baby the letter "B," the sound that a bee makes when it flies, helps eye-tracking skills and brings the word "tickle" into its vocabulary.

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