Military Camps in England

Written by jackie michael | 13/05/2017
Military Camps in England
English military camps are for army recruits to gain skills. (army truck image by Tomasz Pawlowski from

To join the British Army a person has to be over the age of 16. Deciding on a career in the army during peace time is a perfect opportunity to learn life skills and trades that will benefit any person once she leaves the army to move on to another career. Joining the army during times of conflict means that as a soldier, you will very likely be posted to dangerous zones. This means that your training will be of the highest standard to prepare you for that possibility.

Infantry Training Center, Catterick

Initially, when you sign up for the army, you will be trained at the School of Infantry Training in Catterick. Catterick is the main training facility for phases one and two of infantry training. The infantry battle school at Brecon is also under the same umbrella and governed for Catterick. During phase one training at Catterick, all soldiers will undergo Common Military Syllabus Recruit training. This incorporates basic military skills, weapon handling, field tactics, map reading and other necessary teaching. As the course is highly intensive, all recruits will be expected to perform to high standards and show extreme levels of physical tolerance and fitness.

Army Training Center, Pirbright, Surrey

Pirbright also offers phase one training. It is the largest phase one establishment and trains only those soldiers older than 17. Many trainees who attend Pirbright are destined for the Royal Artillery, Signals Corps, Intelligence Corps, Air Corp and others. As well as these, all women trainees come to Pirbright for the army recruit training. Pirbright is located on the border of Surrey (England) between Guildford and Aldershot.

Army Training Regiment, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire

Bassingbourn boasts a large welfare and recreational facility on its premises. Bassingbourn is the Standard Entry centre for the British Army recruits. Bassingbourn is the major centre for the younger recruits and all those who pass through here are 16 years old. They undergo their initial training and then move on to one of the other regiments according to their progress and chosen area of expertise.

Army Training Regiment, Winchester, Hampshire

Winchester is mainly responsible for the training and recruitment of soldiers between the ages of 16 and 17. Upon enrolment, they will be sent to Winchester to complete their initial Army training course. They will learn weaponry, mapping, tactics, appearance and uniform care and other useful subjects and skills. The 23-week course helps young soldiers to develop personal and interpersonal skills, as well as refine areas of weakness. All young recruits are given the opportunity for support and growth.

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