Cheap motorcycle seat padding options

Written by erick kristian | 13/05/2017
Cheap motorcycle seat padding options
Cushions from lawn chairs can also work as padding for a motorcycle seat. (Croisette image by absfred from

Most motorcycle seats are designed with the rider's comfort in mind. However, this is not always sufficient for all riders. Many aftermarket motorcycle accessory manufacturers make seat cushions and padding that is relatively inexpensive. However, padding can also easily be made at home.


Cushions from an old couch or lawn/deck chair can easily be added to a motorcycle for additional comfort. The cushion does not necessarily need to be attached to the bike if the rider is seated on top. However attaching the cushion is fairly simple. Purchase two feet of elastic material from a fabric store. Tie it in a knot creating a circle, and slip half of the circle under the seat and the other half on top of the cushion.

Memory Foam

Memory foam makes for an excellent seat pad. The material is durable and provides maximum comfort. Memory foam pillows work well. Memory foam can be cut easily to the dimensions of the seat, and there is no worry of material spilling over because memory foam is made of one solid block, as opposed to stuffing.

Foam Mattress

An old foam mattress can be cut to the shape of a seat cushion with scissors. It is cheaper than memory foam old or new. The foam rider can put the cut mattress in a pillow case to protect it from wear and tear.


A pillow can be purchased for a few dollars from any department store. A cheap pillow is not ideal because it provides little support and is not very durable. In addition, down pillows are to be avoided because they are more expensive and unnecessary.

After-Market Accessories

Perhaps the most feasible seat padding is purchasing an already manufactured seat pad. Seat pads range in price but they are generally designed for a specific make and model of bike. As a result, the seat pad is aesthetically appealing and matches the bike.

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